The Secret To Tantric, Spiritual Sex.

With the world depicting sex as an act of power and control. We forget the spiritual connection that happens when you have sex with someone. The soul ties that come with the performance of sex. As much as the world; Music videos, movies, magazines and social media has taken the spirituality that comes with having sex out, we cannot deny its existence. Connecting with your significant other spiritually while being intimate makes you discover the sacred unity of body and soul when it comes to sex.

Its disturbing to discover that many people that find sex and spirituality are completely unrelated, or exist as opposites. For those who were brought up in a world where religious influence was ineffective, it may be a novel idea to consider that sex can be spiritual, and they are very few of those people in our society.

Most of us grew up in a war between spirituality and sensuality. The word “sex” in our families could stop conversations and make everyone freeze in embarrassment. I spent my teen years afraid of speaking about sex let alone try it out. I started having sex late, mainly because my mom put the fear of God in me. Yet, despite all of this neurotic baggage, I came to enjoy sex as much as I’m captivated by spirituality.


Set Your Life On fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

To lead a spiritual life you need to embrace and respect your sexuality just as much as any other part of your nature. Although sex has been linked to many dirty and “perverse” ideas, the act of lovemaking can truly be something sacred and profound.

To make things simple spiritual sex can be divided into two levels: the first level is conscious affection, which is sexual energy that generates intense, devoted feelings for the partner. The result of this type sexual energy is greater partner connection, strengthening commitment in a long-term relationship, enhancing the bond. The second level is spiritual unification, which is the ultimate expression of sexuality. Often one receives inspiration and illumination that can be translated into divine guidance or simply experienced as pure bliss. These awe-inspiring sexual experiences produce a sense of integrating with the source of energy and losing physical boundaries during orgasm. It is often described as “being in the moment of boundless bliss.” Many ancient and modern visionary experiences are described as feelings of being “bathed in pure light.” It is cosmic orgasm, the direct experience of the self as pure energy, in union with a divine source. This level of spiritual sex may occur without a partner and even without any physical stimulation.

Sexual energy is the source of our connection to the life energy, the benefits to physical, emotional, and intellectual health are obvious. Developing conscious rituals allow you to become more open to transcendent experiences. It prepares you to be receptive to the possibility of connecting in higher states of awareness from peak sexual moments. meaningless sex becomes a distraction and ultimately stagnates spiritual growth. But when sex becomes an opportunity to return to the Source and becomes a doorway of transformation to higher states of awareness – it gains a whole new purpose.

In future articles I plan to explore the exhilarating but taboo world of ancient sexual practices. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your experiences with sex. How has lovemaking helped you on your spiritual path, and do you have any tips? Please share below.


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