Natural Hair VS Weaves

The debate about natural hair vs weaves has been going on for years and with more issues like skin bleaching,selling of human hair, the issue has only grown more branches as it is believed that all these topics are related. The growing number of black women transitioning from chemically relaxed hairstyles to natural hairstyles has inspired a strong sisterhood within the hair care community. Yet it also spawned divisions between wearers of relaxed hair VS natural hair and has led  to a debate among over what it means to be natural.


Arguably the natural hair movement is a celebration of black women’s beauty,and so wigs, weaves and extensions do not contribute to being natural. Please note that “bald head scally wags” are not the only people who wear fake hair. Black, white, red purple and women of all races ,backgrounds and hair types wear weaves. I have friends with mid back length hair that wear wigs, weaves etc. for fun and to change things up.


At the end of the day I believe a female should focus on the hairstyle that makes her happy and best expresses her style, personality and creativity. If a man will change his tune over a change of hairstyle then he is not for you.

At the end of the day who died and made anybody the hair police??


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