Being A True Friend

In the past few years I have constantly struggled to maintain and keep healthy friendships, mainly because I always looked at how my friends wronged me. I looked at how bad of friends they were to me, I always believed that i deserved the best in life, which i do but that made be oblivious to people’s flaws. I kept on pointing out flaws in my friendships and in my friends themselves , I forgot to look at my own flaws, i forgot to look at my contribution to why the friendship was bad.

As i grew older I began to reflect and assess each and every relationship and friendship I had, I assessed my role in making the friendship what it was, i would also reflect on what hurt me the most about the altercation, obviously fights in friendships happen, I am in no way saying, you should let people play on your feelings, I believe for better friendships and relationships; if you tell someone that you didn’t like what they did ‘or said and they try fix whatever it is they did then they care about you, those people to me are real friends to keep, But if you let a friend know that you don’t like what they did and they don’t do anything to rectify their mistake then they don’t care about the friendship, it’s that simple.

The kind of friends I’m talking about are ones that walk with you while you cry in the rain, they are not afraid to tell you that the dress you are wearing to dinner is not flattering or the man you are going out with is no good, the true friends, the people you can fully rely on. I’m  not of fan of new year’s resolutions but in 2016, I aim to become a better friend, to be open to friendships, I aim to be a better daughter, a better sibling, a better lover. I will always strive to be better in everything I do, no matter how challenging it might seem, It is all about reaching the next level, What do you aim to do differently?


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