The last moments

When the year ends, you automatically start reflecting on the past year and start planning for the upcoming one.This year has been amazing, it has been an absolute blessing. I have had a chance to work with one of the best journalists to ever come out of South Africa, not only is she brilliant at what she does, she is also a remarkable person. She exposed to me to great people and great places, even though our time together was brief she made a huge impact in my life.


The Black Cumin team

I also lost a person who is close to my heart this year, my uncle, Charles Mokopela, his death was such a surprise to all of us, we are still in shock and disbelief to this day. He was my number one cheerleader, he always encouraged me to be the best in all I do, his words will forever be in my heart, Robala Ka Kgotso Malome.


Aubuti, Bosso ya di Bosso

In the same week I lost my uncle, i bought my second car, it was such a bitter sweet moment for me, I felt proud of my self for working hard all this time to be able to afford myself a new car but sad on the other side, because my uncle isn’t here to witness it. Even in these moments I still send praises up for all the blessings I have received.


My second baby

When the year progresses, i felt i needed to change the direction my career was taking and so i decided to apply to work at one of the best media companies in the country, by the grace of God i got the job, it has been an absolute delight to work there, it has been an amazing experience , surrounded by amazing people.


The #baddest team

Last but not least, my family, who have been there for me from day one, when i couldn’t wake up or go on, they were there.Lets make more special memories in 2016 and love more!!







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